Air-coupled transducer is a type of ultrasonic transducer that uses air as the coupling medium instead of a liquid or gel. Dasel manufactures flat and focused transducers between 200 and 700 Khz.

The air-coupled ultrasonic technique has shown to be very efficient and fast for testing large areas. The air-coupled technique avoids coupling problems like bubbles in water, but the large acoustic mismatch between solids and air must be solved with special transducers, a powerful excitation as well as hardware and advanced software signal processing. 

DASEL offers a broad range of ultrasound air-coupled transducers with the following features: 

  • Connectors: BNC / SMB / Lemo00.
  • Housing: anodized aluminum.
  • Electric Matching with Airscope series
  • Crown to protect the radiant surface
  • Each pair of transducers is identical and can be used without distinction as a sender or receiver. All transducers can also work in pulse-echo mode.
  • Compatibility: The transducers have been successfully tested with DASEL devices (Airscope TT/MX/PA).