Applications Studies

Advances in the implementation of a UT contactless inspection system in the manufacturing process of thermoplastic components for aeronautical use, within the framework of the H2020-DOMMINIO project.

Roberto Giacchetta1, Ricardo Gonzales1, David Sánchez1, Alfredo Morales2, Francisco Ansedes3 and Eduardo Moreno1,4

  1. Dasel, Spain,  E-mail
  2. Aciturri Aeronáutica SL Spain,  E-mail
  3. AIMEN Centro Tecnológico
  4. ICIMAF, Cuba,


In recent decades, the aeronautical industry has undergone a drastic transformation in the manufacturing philosophy in response to the growth of aircraft production (by 60% in the last 10 years), due to the increase in passenger transport demand. Although the pandemic has contracted the sector 66% during the last years 2020-2021, it is expected to normalize by 2024. The transition to the use of more advanced composite materials, together with the increase in aircraft performance and the rate of productivity is a challenge. Also, the necessity to produce effective structures and components using ecological materials and technologies have been increased, with the consequence of reducing cost, weight and fuel consumption. The DOMMINIO project from the European H2020 program, aims to develop new integrated design methodologies and knowledge based on manufacturing and optimization for the production of new multifunctional fuselage parts. A new technology is applied manufacturing by Laser ATL (Automatic Tape Layout) technique, using the automated deposit of thermoplastic tapes on a mold. Additionally, the DOMMINIO project deals with ensuring the quality of the components during the manufacturing process by a novel non-destructive control based on Ultrasound contactless technologies. To this end, DASEL has developed non-contact transducers that are coupled to the technological process of layer deposition, performing a non-contact quality control. This paper presents the results of the first year of the project, emphasizing the detection of delamination or lack of consolidation in real time.